Overview of the Virgin Diet

If you are having trouble losing those last few pounds you want after a long diet period, then perhaps you should follow The Virgin Diet. There are some “diet” foods that may be sabotaging your efforts to lose weight. These include dairy, eggs, corn, artificial sweeteners, soy, and peanuts. The author of The Virgin Diet is a nutritionist named JJ Virgin. According to him, if you are intolerant to some foods, this can affect your ability to lose weight. If you eliminate these foods, you could lose as much as 7 lbs. in only 7 days, according to him.

A food intolerance is not exactly a food allergy but a series of responses your body makes to some foods. You can have hormonal changes, such as a cortisol response or increased insulin, a delayed food sensitivity, or even genetic intolerances, such as celiac disease (gluten-intolerance) or lactose intolerance. When foods trigger these intolerances, you can become hungrier and have inflammation, which can make it hard to lose weight. This diet’s aim is to determine what your food intolerances are so that you can eliminate them and lose the weight you want.